Thursday, 1 August from 08:00pm:
DASDING-Opening with the DASDING-Plattenlegercrew (Stuttgart). www.DASDING.de

Thursday at NATURE ONE: so where’s the action? Right – at the DASDING-Opening with the “DASDING Plattenleger” (roughly translatable as “turntable spinners”). Rave mode on, good vibes only - off to the dancefloors which mean the world on this weekend. Four days of partying, four days of the boundless We-Feeling, four days NATURE ONE! The DASDING crew will be welcoming you to the CampingVillage with driving beats and celestial sounds and can’t wait for an long night.


Stephan Hinz b2b Philipp Ruhmhardt, Adi Dassler, LNTX, Mario Daić, Mvchacho, Pascal Rueck

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02 - 04 August 2019
Raketenbasis Pydna Kastellaun

  • Fri. 8pm - 6am
  • Sat. 6pm - 8am
Camping from Thu. (1 August) 10am •
DASDING-Opening 8pm