The Twenty Five

It’s the grand anniversary: we will be celebrating NATURE ONE for the 25th time. One of the most time-honoured festivals worldwide for electronic music. There are wonderful stories to be told, tens of thousands of friendships have been forged and the nights have seen endless wild partying.

The anniversary on Raketenbasis Pydna will be host to more than 350 DJs and LiveActs giving all they’ve got on over 20 floors. Meadowland in excess of 100 hectares will be the setting for the craziest campsite in the world.

It will be an awesome festival – full of joy and excitement, music and rave, and passion.

NATURE ONE – The Twenty Five

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„The Twenty Five“

Fri. 20-06 Uhr / Sat. 18-08 Uhr
Raketenbasis Pydna
/ Kastellaun
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