The presale started!

The clubs

Die Clubs ‘Open-air clubbing’: that was the idea when, in 1998, seven clubs converged on NATURE ONE for the first time, including legends such as Stammheim from Kassel, Tresor from Berlin and (still going strong today!) Airport from Würzburg. They moved into and onto the missile bunkers and into marquees or set up outside in the open air. The number of club floors setting out from their cities for two nights at Pydna has meanwhile risen to 18. They bring their own lighting, visuals, décor and sounds; what’s more, 100% underground feeling too. The line-ups range from techno, goa, trance, drum’n’bass and classics to house and harder styles. And because the club floors also want to celebrate the grand NATURE ONE anniversary as befits the occasion, there will be quite a few revamps: Masters of Hardcore and Dirty Workz will be bigger than ever, abstract / butan / Lehmann will be in a new marquee and the Spanish party series ‘elrow’ will be joining the festival for the first time complete with two ocean containers full of décor and sets. Yet another highlight: Bonzai Allstars & Friends with their own floor. Let’s celebrate the clubs at ‘THE TWENTY FIVE!