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OpenAirFloor 1995: NATURE ONE and with it the genesis of the first major open-air rave. Get out of the dark, gloomy clubs and the deserted warehouses – nature is waiting in all its glory for the advent of raving under the open sky! The OpenAirFloor was the nucleus of this completely new festival feeling. ‘No limits, no echo, no reverberation! Just the purest of sounds, powerful and crystal clear!’ But it’s not just the sound that is exceptional, with new designs created each year for the gigantic trussing and light installations. The festival has seen majestic pyramids, cubed constructions over 30 meters high and monstrous metal octopuses. And always at the centre: You! Hundreds of moving lights and LEDs are mounted above your heads. Laser beams shoot up for miles and miles into the night sky. And millions of stars deliver the best light show on the planet! The boundless ‘We Feeling’: you feel it more powerfully here than anywhere else. Here is NATURE ONE!
Century Circus Over 15,000 tracks have been played in the Century Circus to date. Tens of thousands partied to Schranz at its zenith. The genesis of Minimal. The advance of acid. Powered to new limits by Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Len Faki, DJ Rush and many others. The likes of Klaudia Gawlas, Felix Kröcher and Pappenheimer stood here at the decks as newcomers – and for a long time now have themselves ranked among the true greats. Standing on this stage is for many the highlight of the year. In front of this crowd that demands so much energy and rewards you with so many emotions. With a sound system that unleashes the ultimate mind-blow when the bass comes in. And no matter whether on or in front of the stage, this place is above all one thing for all those present: the home of techno!
HomeBase NATURE ONE in the year 2000. Motto: ‘sound of love’. Premiere for the fourth large headfloor, the ‘House of House’. With its disco orb and vocal house, one of the most popular floors was launched – a floor which over the years has seen legends such as Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk, Felix da Housecat, Marshall Jefferson and Jesse Saunders perform. Times are changing! The ‘House of House’ is now the ‘HomeBase’ and it’s all because some musical categories are simply too limiting, especially for young, wild artists like Nora En Pure, YOUNOTUS and SKIY. The ‘old warhorses’ Tom Novy and the Discoboys will be paying tribute to the good old times with the likes of ‘Superstar’, ‘I Rock’ and ‘For You’, while things will get more technoid with Dominik Eulberg and Karotte. Escalation is pre-programmed with Moonbootica and beats taking a more experimental tack from Antonio & Alexis, while Elias Doré will be delivering warm stroll techno. So you see: anything’s possible here – as long as it’s good fun and it grooves. Hey DJ, just play the ‘sound of love’!
The Twenty Five Floor 1997: Google goes online. 2002: the euro is introduced. 2007: the first iPhone is sold. Major milestones in the history of NATURE ONE? No way. Other dates are historic. 1995: Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo release their album ‘Charlottenburg’. 1997: Da Hool with ‘Meet her at the Loveparade’. 2001: Toktok vs. Soffy O rock with ‘Missy Queen’s Gonna Die’. The NATURE ONE chronology is a record of unforgettable memories and unique moments. Triggered by emotional anthems on crackling vinyl. The TwentyFive Floor is the time machine where you can once again experience the best moments from 25 years of NATURE ONE. Get on board, fasten your seat belts, rave on!
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