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OpenAirFloor Since 1996, the OpenAirFloor has been the heart of NATURE ONE. Lasers shoot miles into the night sky. Millions of stars make for the best light show. Spectacular and majestic constructions float above the dance floor. Gas-clear sound surrounds you like you've never heard it before. This is because neither walls nor a roof reflect the sound. Boundless sense of togetherness all around.
Century Circus Legendary. Visionary. Home of Techno. In the 10-mast tent, pure energy reigns. No one stands still. Rock-hard sound and mind-blowing viusals ignite pure euphoria. Non-stop, without a break. Rave hard!
HomeBase Are you looking for something new, for diversity and for good vibes? A mix of house, tech-house, melodic house and techno are the right ingredients for a groovy night among friends. Presented by artists like LOVRA, Moonbootica and Dominik Eulberg, who know exactly how to touch your soul with good music.
Classic Terminal The best tracks from 30 years of rave history – live on stage with the pioneers of electronic music. Whether trance anthems or hardcore anthems, everything that has anchored itself as a catchy tune in our hearts is played here.
New: SYNDICATE Zone From Westfalenhell to Pydna! SYNDICATE “Ambassadors in Harder Styles” with their own headfloor at NATURE ONE for the first time this year. Hardstyle, hardcore and uptempo awaits you. Are you ready to join the raveolution with pure harder styles power?
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01 - 04 August 2024
Raketenbasis Pydna, Kastellaun

  • Fri. 8pm - 6am
  • Sat. 6pm - 8am
Camping from Wed. (31 July) 10am •
DASDING-Opening Thu. (01.08.) 8pm