Open Air Floor

Century Circus

Home Base

Classic Terminal

OpenAirFloor The very heart of NATURE ONE since1996 – the OpenAirFloor. Lasers racing far out into the night sky. Millions of stars creating the ultimate light show. Spectacular and majestic constructions floating above the dance floor. And right at the centre of it all is you.
Century Circus The 10-mast marquee with thousands of ravers partying in the Home of Techno, an art form which is much more than just music, for techno is a passion, a feeling. Multifaceted and timeless. Open-minded, visionary and emotional.
HomeBase The music so varied like nowhere else. CLAPTONE und LOVRA with their housey tracks. Dominik Eulberg and Township Rebellion piling on the technoid sound. Local heroes like Babor and Alex Breitling. adding their own special touch.
Classic Terminal The perfect setting for the very best tracks from over 25 years of rave history. Presented by the pioneers of electronic music. Dune’s Hardcore Vibes, Da Hool’s Meet Her at the Loveparade, Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400. Tracks which will always get the emotions going right off the scale.


2 Electronic Souls, ACiDC, Adem, Adi Dassler, Akidala, Akira, Alee, Alexia K., Alex Lauthals, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Allen Watts, Alleviate, ALLTAG, AND, Andreas Kraemer, Angerfist, AniMe, Asteroid, Audiofreq, Autodrive, Avaion, Babor, Bass-D, Bassbrain, Ben Dust, Bernhard Groeger, Borgore, Brainy, BRANDON, Brian Brainstorm, Broken Element, Caravel, CARV, Cassa Cristano, Catscan, ChrizzD., Corehead, Criz Rock vs. Sven Alauxen, Crotekk -live-, Cruel Activity -live-, Cryogenic, Cyre, D.Kixx, D72, Dan G., Dan Lee, DaY-már, Deadly Guns, Defex, DeGuzman, Director, Dirty Basscore -live-, DISI & BLACK, Djane Anneli, Djane Luumica, Djane TrippyS, DJ Doom, Djester, DJ Falk, DJ Fu b2b Feedthefire, DJ Joyrider, DJ Maxx, DJ Montagu, DJ Sakin, Doctor-Verleihnix, Dominik Diel, Dominik Eulberg, Dominik Saltevski, Dominique Lamee, DROPIXX, Dr Rude, DVISION, Ecstatic, Ed Lynam, Effection, Elite Enemy, Emphaser, Emphases, Enaly, Epic Aggressive, Ewolution, Fa:Ras, Fabian Farell, Fabs, FLOBU, Flymeon, Frank Duxxx, Frank Klassen -live-, Frank Sonic, Franky B., Furyan, GLDY LX, Gourski, Gregor Tresher, GridKiller, Grimlock, Haircutter, Harris & Ford, Holy Goof, Hosted by Bomsch MC, Hotte, Hysta, Hystio, Ian Crank, Inpulsa, James Cottle, JamX aka DuMonde, Jaycut, Jay Reeve, Jens Mueller, Jessee, JNXD, John Meva, Jonas Rech, Jon Void, Josh Yob., Juliet Sikora, Juliëx, Kate Logne b2b Moulder, Kenlo & Scaffa, Kerstin Eden, Kevin Prinz, Klang der Nacht, Koven, Lab-E, Laeti, Lexxy Chainz, Liquidfive, LNTX, Lorenzo Raganzini, Lost Identity, Luca & Lukas, Lucas Butler, Luis Martinez, lxd b2b bluefire, Ly Da Buddah, Lyne, Lynel, M-Win, MaAd Off, Maarten de Jong, Mad Dog, Madness M, MAKLA, Man at Arms, Maniac, Mantraa., Marathi, Marc van Linden, Marc Wall.E, Marie Bloomfield, Mario Angelo, Mario Daić, Masters Of Noise, Matthias Tanzmann, Maui Scrivano, Max Lean, Milan Milano, Mimalogic, Mind Trip, MOGUAI, Montee, Mr. Bassmeister, Mvchacho, N-Vitral, Necmi -live-, NEO, Never Surrender, Nico Jansen, NICO RUSH, NIELS VAN GOGH, Nitrax, Noel Holler, Nomo, Noneoftheabove, Nosferatu, NOVAH, OGUZ, Oliver Magenta, P.A.C.O., Paolo Ferrara, Pascal Rueck, Patara -live-, Patrick Agricultor, Paytric, Philipp Ruhmhardt, Phoenix, Primeshock, Pull180, Ralphie B b2b Frank Waanders, Raoul, rbbt., Re-Style, Refuzion, Rene Ablaze, Rene Raggas, Ron & MC Ike, Ron with Leeds, Ruff Limits, Sandra Romina, Sara Landry, Sciu, Scot Project, Scove x Veyla, Sebastian Groth, Simon Phinixx, Simoné, Sixten, Solstice, Sonix The Headshock, Sorgenkint, Steve Shaden, Sub Sonik, Sutura, Symphonix -live-, T.O.M.E.K.K., Talla 2XLC, Taluma, Teknoclash, Tensor & Re-Direction, TerrorClown, Textasy, Tham, Tha Watcher, The Airwolf, The Motordogs, Tiko, Timm Schirmer, Timo Mandl, TMPR, Toby Romeo, Tom Franke, Tom Wax, Tony Mess, Torsten Kanzler, TroubaMix, Tscherboo, Tube & Berger, Twenty4Hour, Unfused, Unmasked Fury, Vendex, Voicians, Wanja & Babaxx -live-, Wavestorm, WolfPax, Woody van Eyden, XZITER, ZEUZ, Znipe

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04 - 06 August 2023
Raketenbasis Pydna, Kastellaun

  • Fri. 8pm - 6am
  • Sat. 6pm - 8am
Camping from Thu. (3 August) 10am •
DASDING-Opening 8pm