The presale started!

Location - Ravebase Pydna


96 hours party instead of 96 cruise missiles – that’s the story of Pydna missile base. Built in bygone times to deploy deadly nuclear missiles, it is now a place for joy, love and freedom. A place where thousands upon thousands of friendships have been forged. A place where all sorts of people of many different nationalities come together. A place for tolerance and openness where the universal language of music is spoken. And the perfect place for the most beautiful festival for electronic music – NATURE ONE! Club floors in the bunkers with their meter-thick, reinforced concrete walls provide the ideal setting for the total underground feeling. Vast open spaces ensure there is plenty of space for everyone. The grass-covered domed bunkers are the perfect chill-out zones and offer a 3D panorama over the entire festival. Rave base Pydna – the best place in the world for a long weekend in August!

Floors & Clubs