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Camping Village

The size of 150 football pitches. Two and a half kilometres from one end to the other. The CampingVillage with its more than 50,000 inhabitants may be dimensioned like a town but instead of having a shopping centre, branches of banks and office blocks, it’s got bouncy castles, foam parties and techno stages. Thousands of tents and camper vans, pools and trampolines. Standing in stark contrast to the grey of concrete jungles, there are lush green fields and brightly coloured meadow flowers dancing in the breeze. Daily routines are no longer relevant: gabber for breakfast? Sure! Can of beer before four? Great idea! Eight hours sleep? Forget it! The most important rules: party together, be friendly, have fun. Those are the foundations of the most peaceful community in the country. Tolerant, passionate and colourful. There’s no better place on the entire planet for a long weekend.
We call it home – we call it NatureOne Land.

How to: NATURE ONE CampingVillage

Opening hours

Thursday, 30 July, 10am to Monday, 3. August, 6pm

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Thursday, 1 August, 8pm


You pay and receive your camping tickets when you enter the camping area.
Payment in cash only.


From Thursday/Friday: 30,- EUR + 5,- EUR waste deposit
From Saturday: 15,- EUR + 5,- EUR waste deposit

Prices per person (includes car, caravan, camper, toilet fee, drinkwater and busshuttle to/from Kastellaun). Sufficient space available.

Max. permissible total weight 3.5t for all vehicles including cars, vans, campers or vehicles with trailers.
Access is not possible for vehicles with a total weight higher than 3.5t.

Camping is only allowed at your vehicle at the allocated place. Unfortunately, neither keeping spaces free nor reserving certain areas is possible. If you want to camp in a group please arrive together. This makes it easier to assign you a suitable area.


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Arrive and party: Find your already built tent here. Your built tent for 1, 2 or 4 persons from 45,- EUR per person. Optional with air mattress and sleeping bag.

Shopping in Kastellaun – free bus transfer

The free bus shuttle will take you straight to the centre of Kastellaun.
Friday, 31 July & Saturday, 1 August: from 9:30am to 6:00pm
Please have your camping ticket with you.

In Kastellaun you can find:

  • Grocery stores (ex. REWE, Lidl, Netto, Aldi)
  • Beverage distributors
  • Fast food shops and restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Drugstores (ex. dm)
  • Shoe stores (ex. DEICHMANN)
  • Pharmacy
  • Quiet zones
  • Indoor swimming pool

If you have any questions on site: Infopoint at the market square. Fri. & Sat. 10 am - 6 pm. There you will also get more information if you are interested in a city tour through the castle town Kastellaun.

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You can find everything you have to take with you at the ultimate festival checklist.

Camping FAQs More info »

You can find all information about camping at NATURE ONE at the Camping FAQs.