Camping Village
Craziest CampingVillage worldwide

150 soccer fields in size. Two and a half kilometers from north to south. With more than 50,000 residents, the CampingVillage has the dimensions of a city - but instead of shopping centers, bank branches and office buildings, there are bouncy castles, foam parties and techno stages. Thousands of tents and campers, pools and trampolines. Instead of gray concrete deserts, green meadows and snow-white dandelions bloom. Regular day times are suspended: Gabber for breakfast at seven? Heaven! Beers and cheers at eight? Great! Eight hours of sleep? Forget it! Most important rules: Party together, be friendly, have fun. This is how the most peaceful community in the republic is created. Tolerant, passionate and colorful.

Camping ticket regular Camping Village

Price: from 25 € / person + 10 € waste deposit*
Camping directly by the car
Party non-stop
Sanitary stations: Toilets + washing facilities
DASDING-Opening Thursday, 01.08., ab 20 Uhr
Free shuttle bus to Kastellaun shopping, gastronomy etc.
Festitent: Set up tents incl. equipment bookable
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Camping ticket comfort Comfort Camp

Price: from 99 € / person + 10 € waste deposit*
Camping with own tent parking on separate parking lot
caravan sites separate caravan ticket required
accommodations from 2 persons
Silent Camp room volume; absolute night silence from 10pm to 6am
Showers without extra charge
Water flushed toilets
Additionally bookable: cool boxes, tables, benches, sleeping bags etc.
Access to the regular CampingVillage possible approx. 15 minutes walk
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Opening hours

Wednesday, 31 July, 10am to Monday, 5 August, 6pm

Thursday, 1 August, 10am to Sunday, 4 August, 6pm


All information about camping at NATURE ONE as well as the camping rules can be found in the FAQs.

*When you return a filled garbage bag to one of the service stations, the waste deposit will be refunded on your cashless wristband. It can be paid out with your remaining credit after the event. Garbage bags are available at the entrance to the ComfortCamp & all service stations.

Location Walking distances

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You can find everything you have to take with you at the ultimate festival checklist.

Save the Date
01 - 04 August 2024
Raketenbasis Pydna, Kastellaun

  • Fri. 8pm - 6am
  • Sat. 6pm - 8am
Camping from Wed. (31 July) 10am •
DASDING-Opening Thu. (01.08.) 8pm