Ruben De Ronde
@ OpenAirFloor
  • DJ seit: 2005
  • Style: Progressive
  • Meine erste NATURE ONE:
    I think 2010! I have played twice on the HeavensGate stage and the mainstage once as well.
  • Welchen Track verbindest Du mit NATURE ONE?
    Members of Mayday – 10 and 1.
  • NATURE ONE ist…
    one of the most epic festivals in the world, and one of the first festivals where I played the mainstage many years ago. The unique environment, the bunkers and the insane crowd are the perfect ingredients for an amazing event.
  • Zum 25. Jubiläum wünsche ich NATURE ONE…
    to go on for at least another 25 years! Partying at such a unique location with so many great people should never stop!
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02. - 04. August 2019
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  • Fr. 20 - 06 Uhr
  • Sa. 18 - 08 Uhr
Camping ab Do. (01.08.) 10 Uhr •
DASDING-Opening 20 Uhr