Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
Freitag 01:30 - 03:00 @ The Twenty Five Floor
  • DJ seit: Charly Lownoise: 1987 // Mental Theo: 1980
  • Style: Charly Lownoise: Happy Hardcore, Freestyle // Mental Theo: Uptempo, Harder Styles
  • Meine erste NATURE ONE:
    Charly Lownoise: 1995 // Mental Theo: Wooh in the days we've met Moby and we dropped Hardcore Feelings as a new single. It was massive because the magic that day on that event was more than overwhelming. To be at NATURE ONE which was one of the first big raves in Germany was an unbelievable feeling. We still have the picture from the cover of Hardcore Feelings Remixes and the picture says enough.
  • Welchen Track verbindest Du mit NATURE ONE?
    Charly Lownoise: Moby – Feeling so real // Mental Theo: Oh, which track, was it “Moby feeling so real”? In those days there were too many great songs, I think.
  • NATURE ONE ist…
    Charly Lownoise: genial! // Mental Theo: that oldschool statement of being one of the most important events in Europe.
  • Zum 25. Jubiläum wünsche ich NATURE ONE…
    Charly Lownoise: nochmal 25 Jahre :) // Mental Theo: is to play there the next 25 years and a bottle of champagne every year to celebrate on stage, haha!
Charly Lownoise
Mental Theo