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Trance Classics hosted by Johan Gielen (Samstag)
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Johan Gielen is universally recognized as a pioneer and legend of the Trance scene. His clubnight & festival concept „Trance Classics“, launched in 2017, has made its mark in the dance music industry already and is constantly growing. With a stage hosted at NATURE ONE „THE TWENTY FIVE”, Johan Gielen will breathe life back into the world of „Trance Classics“ and the crowd can expect an incredible lineup, stacked with guest performances from the heavyweights of Trance music.


  • Johan Gielen
  • Marco V b2b Rank 1
  • M.I.K.E. Push
  • Steve Allen
  • Marc Simz
  • Daniel Wanrooy
  • MC Da Silva
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02. - 04. August 2019
Raketenbasis Pydna Kastellaun

  • Fr. 20 - 06 Uhr
  • Sa. 18 - 08 Uhr
Camping ab Do. (01.08.) 10 Uhr •
DASDING-Opening 20 Uhr