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Bonzai All Stars & Friends (Freitag)
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Bonzai All Stars proudly presents a classics night at one of Germany’s longest running electronic music festival institutions. Pydna is the venue and on the 2nd August 2019 a bunker of this legendary location will be transformed into a full on hedonistic party filled with energetic Techno grooves as well as tasty Trance and Progressive vibes. The lineup boasts a crack team of Bonzai's finest DJs including Franky Kloeck, Airwave, Yves Deruyter, Greg S. and the retro masters themselves, the Bonzai All Stars, who will take over the decks and provide the soundtrack to this classics experience, raising the roof and giving you a night to remember.


  • Yves Deruyter
  • Franky Kloeck
  • Airwave
  • Greg S.
  • Bonzai All Stars
  • MC Reign
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02. - 04. August 2019
Raketenbasis Pydna Kastellaun

  • Fr. 20 - 06 Uhr
  • Sa. 18 - 08 Uhr
Camping ab Do. (01.08.) 10 Uhr •
DASDING-Opening 20 Uhr